First Look into HTML6 with Examples and Resources

We hadn’t even mastered HTML5 yet and W3C is already rolling out initial versions HTML6. And we are not fooling you. It is coming out, so once again it is time get our hands dirty. Forget HTML6 release date and let’s get down coding in HTML6.

HTML6 is so new that even Wikipedia doesn’t have its page yet. It is still at the absolutely initial stages but we are in a position to figure out what it is, where will it lead us and how will we be coding it. Let’s get get a quick HTML6 overview.

Just like HTML5, the new version of HTML is coming with significant code structure differences. The new version is more standardized, more similar to XML and more suited for building web apps for the future.

I have a list of free HTML5 resources like templates, cavas, developers kit etc. here

New Coding Structure



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CSS tricks proposed a list of suggested code additions for HTML6 a couple of years ago. W3C listened but they replied in a unique fashion. They added the mother of all those proposals. They added XML-like namespaces… and this is the most visible change in HTML6.

This changes the whole coding structure, but it standardizes it to a whole new level. Now you don’t have to ID your divs, you can use namespaces.

HTML6 examples

<div id=’container’> can now become <container>

Let’s check how these namespaces in action.

<!DOCTYPE html>
 <!-- Notice how <html> turns into <html:html> -->
 <!-- Obviously, the <head> tag also changes, so do the rest of codes. -->
 <html:title>A Look Into HTML6</html:title>
 <html:meta type="description" value="HTML6 namespaces example">
 <!-- Anchor text example -->
 <html:a href="">Go to Designzzz!</html:a>
 <!-- Image example -->
 <html:media src="img/logo.jpg" type="image">
 <!-- Video example. You can include any video. -->
 <html:media src="videos/">
 <html:button>Click Here</html:button>

Here’s an example of finalized code.

<!DOCTYPE html>
 <html:title>Overview of HTML6</html:title>
 <html:meta type="title" value="">
 <html:meta type="description" value="HTML6 namespaces">
 <html:link src="css/mainfile.css" title="Styles" type="text/css">
 <html:link src="js/mainfile.js" title="Script" type="text/javascript">
 <html:media type="image" src="images/logo.png">
 <html:a href="/img1">a1</a>
 <html:a href="/img2">a2</a>
 <html:a href="/img3">a3</a>
 <h1>Main Heading</h1>
 <h2>Concepts of HTML6</h1>
 <h2>Namespaces in HTML6</h2>
 <copyright>Your copyright notice.</copyright>

That’s the future of HTML attributes.

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