Top 5 Widely Used JavaScript Frameworks In 2017


JavaScript popularity continues its rising. In 2016 we’ve witnessed such superb modifications, as AngularJS whole improve and the advent of Angular 2, remaining dominating of jQuery that is carried out on 96.5% of all JS websites, the evolution of ECMAScript, updates of Node.js in April and October consequently, React greatest hours, or even greater.what to anticipate from 2017? – here’s what we realize to this point: Angular 4 is anticipated in March 2017, ES2017 version is planned for mid-2017, Bootstrap v4 launch need to be predicted this 12 months as nicely.

these days JavaScript turned into named a number of the satisfactory programming languages to research in 2017 by using IBM. At this stage it is used for each customer– and server-facets and helps to design flavorful interfaces, enhanced internet apps with several capabilities and functionsadjust net pages in actual time and lots more.

in the meanwhile, JavaScript web frameworks can grow to be a silver bullet for short internet app improvement. They serve as a skeleton for single page apps, allow builders to worry much less approximately code shape or protection at the same time as specializing in the introduction of complicated interface factors and enlarge opportunities of JS and undeniable HTML.

The advantages of using JavaScript frameworks:

  • Efficiency – projects that used to take months and hundreds of lines of code now can be achieved much faster with well-structured prebuilt patterns and functions.
  • Safety – top javascript frameworks have firm security arrangements and are supported by large communities where members and users also act as testers.
  • Cost – most frameworks are open source and free. Since they help programmers to build custom solutions faster, the ultimate price for web app will be lower.

1. Angular.js

After a long-awaited release of Angular back in 2016, its popularity has touched new heights, though AngularJS will hold off on giving ground in 2017.

Angular.js is often referred to as an MVW (Model-View-Whatever) framework and among the top benefits, for startups and mid-sized companies, people name: quick code production, easy testing of any app part and two-way data binding (changes in the backend are immediately reflected in the UI). Since release, its ecosystem has gone beyond imagination. As for now, it is reasonably called the most used JS framework for SPAs (Single-Page Applications) development and it boasts the largest community of developers.

Angular2 comes with a long list of features that enable building everything, ranging from web to desktop and mobile. The framework is built with TypeScript from Microsoft with an eye to making JavaScript more agile and attractive for large enterprises. ng2 features a component-based architecture, improved DI (dependency injection), efficient logging service, inter-component communications and more.

Both Angular-s is a better option for enterprise-based applications or for strict programming environments with high standards for code readability.

2. ReactJS

We’ve already made React and Angular comparison, in spite of the fact that it is greater of a library than a JS framework. It stands behind consumer interfaces of Facebook and Instagram, showing its performance inside dynamic high-traffic programs.

it’s far rightly taken into consideration the fastest growing JS framework: as of nowadays, there are approximately 1,000 participants on Github. In MVC (Model-View-Controller) sample React.js acts as “V” and can be smoothly incorporated into any structure. due to the use of virtual DOM, it offers an extraordinary performance enhance, comparing to Angular 1.x. further to that, React additives can be created and re-used among programs or even transferred for public use.

regardless of the reality that Reacts calls for a higher learning curve, it makes app development sincere and easy-to-apprehend. furthermore, it could be a perfectly healthy for complex, high-load and great software program solutions.

3. Vue.js

Vue 2.0 changed into additionally delivered in 2016 and it took the first-class from Ember, React and Angular, setting all that into a handy package dealit’s miles proved to be quicker and leaner, comparing to React and Angular 2.0.

Going deeper, Vue.js gives manner data binding (visible in AngularJS), server-aspect rendering (like in Angular2 and ReactJS), Vue (scaffolding tool for brief begin) and elective JSX assist. Its founder states that Vue 2 is one of the quickest frameworks all in all.

Vue.js is a higher choice for brief development of cross-platform answersit may grow to be a company basis for highquit unmarried page packages (SPAs) and useful solution to those instances when overall performance is put ahead of top code agency or app structure.

4. Ember.js

again in 2015 Ember become called the fine javascript framework for internet software, leaving behind React and AngularJS. these days it boasts a huge online networknormal updates and wide appliance of JavaScript nice practices to guarantee the last revel in right out of the field.

Ember functions manner records binding, like Angular.js, keeping both view and model in sync for all the time. making use of Fastboot.js module it guarantees spark off server-facet rendering of DOM, improving the overall performance of complex UIs.

Emberjs is commonly used for complicated featurewealthy web applications and websiteamong the top users are Chipotle, Blue Apron, Nordstrom, Kickstarter, LinkedIn, Netflix and plenty of others. moreover, it has an easier mastering curve and there are oceans of tutorials and manual available online.

5. Meteor.js

Meteor is many of the maximum popular JavaScript frameworks but which comes properly-heeled with lots of functions for returnedcease improvementthe frontgive up rendering, database control and commercial enterprise logicgiven that launch in 2012, its atmosphere has grown notably and at a fast fee.

This full-stack platform allows fast development of quit-to-stop net and cellular programs in natural JavaScript. due to modular shape, all of the applications and libraries may be used at tempo. In phrases of performance, all of the modifications in the database are right away transmitted to the UI and in conversely with no obtrusive time losses caused by exclusive languages or server response time.

MeteorJS covers all the phases of software improvement cycle and takes care of such glooming techniques as linking, documents concatenation and others. it is of modern-day utilization in real-time application development for enterprise organizations like Mazda, IKEA, Honeywell and many others.

JavaScript framework comparison:

AngularJS Angular 2 ReactJS Vue.js Ember.js Meteor.js
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Taking an option on the right JavaScript framework is not about features that each can offer. It depends on initial company goals, project requirements, general framework functionality and how it can be applied within each particular case.



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